Giusy Gubiani

Giusy Gubiani functions as a researcher with the Ngiyabonga - Human Rights Resources Initiative.

During 2005, she was employed as a social operator for Nuovi Cittadini Onlus (Italy). This association, among other projects, runs EFRAIM, which is one of the regional integration projects taking part in the National Protection Program for refugees and exiles - (Former National Asylum Program, instituted by United Nations High Commission on Refugees, the National Association of Italian Municipalities and the Italian Department of Home Affairs). As social operator she fulfilled various functions such as supporting the project manager in her duties; liaising with other organisations and local institutions working with refugees and asylum seekers; attending meetings and courses relating to immigration law and international issues and reporting on these matters to the other association members; representing the Association at various functions and events. Specifically, she oversees the project on the health of female beneficiaries: providing information relating to health services in Udine (Italy); referring beneficiaries to the relevant assistance providers and/or institution depending on their specific needs; accompanying beneficiaries in order to liaise with medical professionals and translators, on their behalf, to address various problems. Furthermore, she conducts research and compiles reports relating to the situations in the various countries in order to assist asylum requests. She also assists successful asylum seekers in obtaining employment by referring them to appropriate service providers.

During 2005, miss Gubiani was also employed by the Italian Council for Refugees as project secretary for the Support Group for Torture Victims: sensitising and training social operators. Her duties included writing proposals; organising workshops and events; liaising with academics regarding conferences and course; and writing press releases for local media.

In 2004, the Italian Association of Christian Workers (ACLI) in their Women's Employment Centre employed Miss Gubiani. Her duties included compiling organisational statistics and research (updating the data base, writing reports, conducting interviews with female immigrants regarding their living conditions in Italy); providing information relating to Italian legislation on immigration and directing immigrants to appropriate service providers; assisting female immigrants with job searches.

In the same year she completed a Master's degree in Immigration at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, specializing in torture and asylum. Thesis topic: From International Law to Local Rehabilitation: the Italian Integration Experiences. The objectives of the thesis were to examine torture as it relates to refugees and asylum seekers; to explore data from various Italian projects that support torture survivors; to produce research, which could function as a useful for development projects and organizations in her region.

In that year, miss Gubiani attended a work camp in Qalqylia - West Bank (Palestine). She purports that this experience reinforced her beliefs in the importance of human rights and democratisation.

In 2003, she completed her degree in International Politics and Development Issues at the University Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna (Italy). She spent several months in South Africa conducting research on reconciliation and reparations to apartheid victims (Truth and Reconciliation Commission). Thesis topic: The debate on Reconciliation in South Africa: Reparations as a Necessary Condition? While in Johannesburg, she had the opportunity to interview victims of apartheid; commissioners of the South African Truth and Reconciliation commission; members of South African government; various churches and NGOs; and the Khulumani Support Group (an influential group of apartheid victims/survivors, that advocate providing reparations to the victims of apartheid).

During 2000-2001, she studied at the Queen's University of Belfast, attending courses on international law, human rights and anthropology. She also completed a course in International Volunteering in Developing Countries, after which she spent a month volunteering for a young people's centre in Kigali (Rwanda).

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