Jacob Zuma rape trial

Jacob Zuma the former Deputy President has been accused of rape and is currently in the midst of a court hearing concerning these allegations. Zuma is an ANC (African National Congress) leader and played a prominent role in the struggle against apartheid. Not only is he a highly respected political leader, but he is also a chief amongst his Zulu tribe. Zuma is from the Kwa-Natal region, originally Zulu land, and has a very large following of supporters.

The woman who has accused Zuma of rape has known him since the age of five and looked up to him as a fatherly figure. Zuma claims the sex was consensual, but the woman, who is HIV positive, claims she was raped. Since speaking out this woman has faced considerable victim-blaming by the media, the court, and the Zuma supporters.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of rape in the world. Yet in South Africa only 1 in 9 women will report a rape. The One in Nine Campaign was initiated to coordinate sector-wide support for survivors of sexual violence, to ensure that they are able to speak out in safety and to educate and change attitudes about sexual violence. Jessie joined a group of other NGOs demonstrating at the Supreme Court to show her support and solidarity, on behalf of Ngiyabonga - Human Rights Resources Initiative, with women who speak out.

For more information about the One in Nine Campaign, visit their website at www.oneinnine.org.za